The business world is dog-eat-dog, and you need to stay ahead of the pack. One way to do so is to make sure that your internal and external communications are as error free as possible. LET US HELP YOUR BUSINESS to achieve its goals by allowing our professionsals to translate, edit, and/or format your internet and intranet pages, advertisements, memos, reports, manuals, and press releases, or by allowing one of our interpreters to ensure that the verbal communications between you and your foreign business partners are clear and accurate. We can save you time, energy, and even money, all while helping you to maintain your competitive advantage. You do what you do best. What we do best is editing, translating, interpreting, and formatting. Combining our efforts will make it easier for you to achieve and even exceed your goals, thereby not only improving your bottom line but winning you accolades from customers, investors, and the public. Of course, confidentiality is always assured, and if you need us to sign a non-disclosure clause, we will.  We are also happy to negotiate an annual retainer.