The first written language, archaic Sumerian, dates back at least to 3,300 B.C. The authors, the Sumerians of southern Mesopotamia, were not just record keeping; writing allowed them to communicate with their neighbors, the Semitic Akkadians, who spoke a different language. The proximity of these two cultures, and the increasing necessity of verbal and written interactions between them, naturally led to bilingualism. Thus, writing, the translation of writings, and interpreting have been occurring for over five millennia. And although the first documented evidence of editing dates only to the eighth century, B.C., it is hard to imagine that Sumerian authors were not receiving constructive criticism and adjusting their writings accordingly. As a result, the language services we now offer you are clearly among the most traditional.

You arrived at this page by clicking on our traditional corporate logo, which reflects the time-honored nature of our profession, but we are a modern company employing mostly young but experienced educators with advanced academic degrees, whose prestigious and demanding positions require them to stay current on the latest language trends. Because language is a construct, it evolves. When you are looking for an editor, translator, or interpreter, you do not want someone stuck in the 1990s. Instead, you need someone familiar with the latest trends and rule changes. Our team, unlike our profession, is modern and can provide you with state-of-the-art expertise. So don't delay. Hire us today!



Our traditional logo depicts 3 bells in white outline on a blue background. The surname of the family that owns Bellovi Language Services is Bell, which is a derivation of the French word for beautiful. Bellovi is the surname Bell, combined with the Czech genitive plural ending, -ovi, which translates in English to Bell family. The left bell in the logo contains an L, while the right bell contains an S. These initials represent the company's focus on Language Services. The center bell contains a symbol that is a combination of E,T,F and I, which are inititals of the specific language services offered by Bellovi Language Services: Editing, Translating, Formatting and Interpreting. The head of each bell is the initial of a Bell family member. The family-owned company was founded in the Czech Republic in 2015, when was purchased as the company's domain name.